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Age of Empires 1 is a PC game developed by Microsoft. The player will lead an ancient civilization through the Stone Age until the Iron Age. The "history mode" has differents missions and campaings, most of them (...)


Starcraft is, in my opinion, one of the most important games in the industry. It was released in 1998 by Blizzard, it was the warcraft series "successor". This game brings you a whole warlike world in which there are three races fighting for the universe supremacy: Terrans, Protoss and Zergs.


So welcome to my blog, it will be centred in RTS games reviews, but if i find something interesting i will show it anyway, haha. Well, i hope you like it... Oh, and if you want a specific game to make a post about, just leave me a comment.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Starcraft Broodwar

Hello guys, it has been a month since my last updated, i apologize for that, hope you like this review!

 Starcraft Broodwar is the sequel of the sci-fi game Starcraft, since its release, in march of 1998, it has been applauded for its new campaings, music, new units, great history and balance between races.

The game is based in gather resources, build an army and develop its technologies in order to conquer your enemies. You will have to learn how and when attack your opponents, some units are more effective to some kind of enemies, if you sent your army against a unknown enemy, you would probably get smacked.

The game starts after the destruction of the supermind, Keriggan will have to take control over the zergs, in order to do this she'll have to kill all those cerebrates whom are still loyal to the overmind and are planning to make another one. Meanwhile the forces of the reformed goverment of earth (Now called United Earth Directorate), will try to take control over the Koprulu sector, which is infested of zergs.

Identifiers will be more needed in this delivery since all the races have lethal invisible units.

My opinion:
The game is highly addictive, it has a great history and charismatic heros. I still play it with my brothers :).
The multiplayer mode is just awesome, i totally recommend it.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Age of Empires 2

Age of Empires 2 is the sequela of the celebrated internationally succession of Age of Empires, based in the Middle Age. The game was developed by Troupe Studios and circulated by Microsoft in 1999.

Solo mode.

It is conceivable for a specific player battle in opposition to the machine, either in an amusement or in a period. The game goes with five crusades, every last trace of which reflect an occasion in history, for instance Joan of Bend heading the Franks into fight or Genghis Khan as a trespasser of Eurasia. Crusades are a progression of in an every expanding degree demanding situations, standing for the principle occasions in the existence of a celebrated internationally recorded figure, for instance, a renowned worldwide combat, the work in progress of a celebrated around the world landmark or a known occasion. The point is to meet the situations that head up around the same time as the fight. Just in the battles of William Wallace and Joan of Bend permits players to control the element as a uncommon unit, granted that Genghis Khan makes a concise manifestation in his drive. The crusades generally begin with an altered measure of assets, structures and units presently made, consequently evading the arduous methodology of raising a country without any preparation. The game will incorporate William Wallace battles (which fills in as excercise), Joan of Bend, Saladin, Genghis Khan and the Ruler of the Sacred Roman Sovereign, Frederick Barbarossa.


The game lets you play over LAN with other players. Programs like hamachi and GameRanger are usually used to play with players around the world.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Age of Empires 1 Cheats Codes

If you're losing a battle, dont rage quit!

Press enter and type:

BIG BERTHA = Upgrade catapults
STEROIDS = Build instantly (the computer too)
PEPPERONI PIZZA = Gives you +1000 food
COINAGE = Gives you +1000 gold
QUARRY = Gives you +1000 stone
WOODSTOCK = Gives you +1000 wood
REVEAL MAP = You can see the whole map
KILL(number of the player) = Kill the player
DIEDIEDIE= Everybody dies <--- this one seems funny
RESIGN = Resing
GAIA = You'll be able to control the animals instead of the men
HOYOHOYO = Priests obtain 600 HP and 6 SPEED.
PHOTON MAN = Strong Soldiers with laser weapons
E=MC2 TROOPER = Soldier with nuclear weapons
ZEUS = Invincible Army
HOME RUN = You win the campaing
BIG BERTHA = Catapults get more range and damage

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rise of Nations Review

Rise of Nations is a RTS game developed by Big Huge Games.
The charm of this game is that it brings new concepts like the attrition, the territories, the inexhaustible resources, the importancy of the cities, etc.

The economy and the strategy are vital to win a game of Rise of Nations, if your economy is weak and your cities are small, you will be easily beaten in a weathering battle. The way you attack, and the units you send are also crucial (its not the same sending 100+ soldiers, than sending 60+ soldiers, 1 general and 2 supply carriages).

Solo Mode
The solo mode provides you the possibility to conquest a continent or even the whole world, each move you do in the map will cost a turn in the game, the turns are limited so you will have to use your mind to see the better way in order to get as much regions as possible. You can exchange a region for credits as well.

Finally, i very recomend the multiplayer mode, more if you can play with friends.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twitter and Facebook!

Yo guys, i just wanted to tell you that we got a facebook and a twitter account. We have just reached 100 followers on the twitter one, you can see it here
And the facebook one:

I'm still improving the web and its content, so be patient please, it wont take me more than a week, i think that i will edite the last posts as well (they're not complete yet). Annnnnnnnnnnd, maybe i will change the theme and its gadgets but im not sure yet. Sooooooooo thats all!

Mirtz Out.

Many more posts to come!